Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RANT: American Idol

So, I have never been a big American Idol fan.  I didn't watch Kelly Clarkson, I don't like the horrible try-out rounds, and I barley took note the season with 3 NC folks.  But as soon as I heard about Anoop Desai, UNC Clef Hanger alum and adorable Indian dude from Chapel Hill, I was hooked (this season at least).  Long story short, I like him.  He can sing. He is cute in a goofy way. He went to Carolina. He sang at my College Graduation (hey, how many people can say that an American Idol sang at THEIR graduation???)  

But, this season, being the avid fan that I am (now), I have been very interested in how the show works.  And my opinion of the show is plummeting every week.  The judges are horrible (who is Kara Diaguardio anyway???) and biased. They act like it is their job to pick on the select few who they deem "not marketable." But if you criticize the blind guy's singing ability, you might seem heartless.  Gee, I didn't think it was a SEEING contest. Sight should be irrelevant. The judges seem to pick on the same contestants week after week no matter how well they do, while some who fail time after time skate by with barely a negative comment. And anyone who thought that Adam Lambert's "Ring of Fire" sounded good, needs to have their hearing examined.

I am by no means saying that Anoop is the best. I have no illusion of grandeur that he will sneak up on America and win.  And on most days, Adam sounds great.  He will win, hands down. Albeit, he has had plenty of help from the judges.  He can do no wrong in their eyes.  He makes MY eyes hurt, but I guess I don't matter that much. Ha.  

When all is said and done (after I have voted my heart out without success), and Anoop goes home, I will have 4 extra hours every Tuesday and Wednesday; because they are biased; because they are money hungry; because I refuse to believe Adam Lambert is the best the USA has to offer; but most of all, because I am not an American Idol fan-I am an Anoop fan.

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