Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What do you say?

Is it wrong to be a little weirded out that the lady delivering our pizza announced "Wow, this house looks soooo diferent than when my ex-fiance lived here... like so different." Um... k... thanks???

Monday, October 26, 2009


Why, oh why, must my football teams stink... if i am going to be forced to watch football 5 nights a week, the least my teams could do is play a little football. I am seriously having quarterback issues. Can Carolina or the Redskins please do a little quarterback shopping during the offseason??? It would do a great deal for my spirits (and my hubby's, which would be especially nice...)

When your husband is an assistant coach for both jV and Varsity Football, you have season tickets to the UNC football games, and have married into a huge Redskins fan family, you have no choice but to learn to love football... even when it breaks your poor little heart... (UNC-Florida State, anyone???) Atleast the Varsity Crusaders have a wonderful 8-1 record and the second largerst amount of points scored per game in the state. thank you HCA for being the one redeeming football team this year...

But, as High School Football quickly draws to a close... I have only one question... Is it basketball season yet???

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yes, I am still here!

Yep, it has been awhile... a long while... but i am going to attempt to somewhat keep up with this, partially because I want to remember the little details, and partially because I want to enter some of the awesom blog parties that are out there.

For some reason, blogging is a little intimidating for me. I have no idea why. And, it seems like the longer I go without writing, the harder it is to jump back in. I guess the feeling of needing to recap everything since September has kept me from posting for awhile. But, instead of going backwards, I am going to just simply start at what prompted me to write today- the feeling of being totally lucky.

I have had a rough couple of days/weeks. Turmoil, so to speak, is flooding the halls of the school i work at as we all attempt to work together, to the best of our ablilites, and do what is best for the kids. It makes for a lot of frustration, and the desire to be professional leaves little room to vent... and I tend to take it out on my husband.

I have also felt a little "homesick". My little house is great and feels very much like home, most of the time, but the long, lonely nights of being a coach's wife (2 sports, nonetheless) coupled with the lack of girlfriends/socialization in my new town and missing my mommy (yes, i am 24 and i still miss my mommy!) have left me somewhat down and the dumps (oh, yes dark, dreary, rainy days and days on end didn't help.) My poor husband... but he is wonderful. Helps with laundry, mows the lawn by the light of the moon, does the dishes when I cook, and never complains.

But today, his school had a holiday (fair day? no fair!) so football was at 8 am and he has been home hard a work ever since. Weeding, cleaning, dishes... and steak for dinner-he's cooking! (and he's a good cook!) Did I mention I love him?

So, my jump back into the blog-o-sphere is to remind me when i forget, that i am, in fact a very lucky girl.
(yes, i did cut my hair-yay locks of love!)