Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Cut, or Not To Cut...

School is under way! Full-swing begins on monday when all 19 of my little ones come at once, with a little of that first day shyness worn off! I am looking forward to starting off a great year.

Clayton and I have now been married for over 1 month. To celebrate, we had steak and potatoes with a stir-fry flair and Duplin Wine. (Complemented by candles and bride and groom wine decor.) that we are to the 1 month mark, I have really been contemplating what to do with my hair. When we got engaged i knew first thing that i wanted LONG hair at my wedding. Mostly down and curled. And that is exactly what i had. Therefore I have been growing out my hair (that was already pretty long) since November. While growing out my hair, I always had donating to locks of love in the back of my mind. I definitely would love my hair to go to help a child who has an illness.

But here lies the deliema...I am attached to my long hair. Some days all I want to do is chop it off. But i have succomb to those "right now" urges before and later regretted it, so i am trying really hard to make sure that a much shorter 'do is something i am comfortable with right now. Some people are saying "don't do it!" other say "it will grow back" so i am on the fence about when, and how short, i am going to go. Wish me luck!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend FLEW by. On Friday Mom came to visit and to bring the rest of my school stuff, and after we dropped it off, we (and Clayton, since his game got cancelled) went to eat at Macaroni Grill in Wilmington. It was soooo good. I haven't eaten there in forever and I forgot how much i love thier bread. Afterward, we were going to go see "The Time Travelers Wife" but it started to late for us working folks to stay awake. Saturday we went to Topsail because Hurrican Bill (who was floating offshore) was making some pretty awesome waves for Clayton to surf. We endned up staying at his aunts beach house and eating out with his parents at Daddy Mac's (delicious!) Today was pretty boring. Drive back, laundry, cleaning, dishes, cleaning, school stuff, cleaning... luckily Degrassi was having a marathon. Yay Canadian teen drama! (Unfortunately, the hubby made me turn it to SportsCenter after 6 episodes.) Tomorrow we have one more teacher workday until the kiddos come and the school year officially begins! I can't believe summer is over!

Monday, August 17, 2009

being a "wife"

Today C came home from school/football practice (private schools started a week before us), and I was just about finished cooking dinner. It was a lovely meal of chicken stirfry and rice. Very delicious. Right after we sat down, Clayton looked at me and was like "I can't believe you cooked dinner and had it ready when i got home from work. That is so cool. I didn't think you would do that."

I didn't know whether to be flattered or offended. I am happy that he likes my cooking and didn't take it for granted. But I also kinda wonder why he thought I wouldn't cook. Could it be that for the last week all I made was pre preped frozen meals or hamburger helper? (hey, some ladies were nice enough to stock our pantry while we were on our honeymoon, I was just using what they gave us!) Maybe he just assumed boxed meals were gonna be the norm. I am happy to say that they will not be. And being appreciated is pretty nice too! :)

WES Bullpup

Tomorrow I start my first day as a Wallace Bullpup (and a Kindergarten teacher!) I am really excited to begin at this new school, but it will be different. For one thing, I don't have my "own" classroom. That's right, nope, not my own. It is a giant room broken down with diveder walls and cabnets into 3 spaces. It will be weird to be so open to other classes. Can't just shut the door to block out noise. Oh well. It will be an adjustment but i think I am up for it. Go Wallace! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Dear poor, neglected blog,

I am so sorry I have not written in quite some time! Getting married, spending a blissful week in the Mayan Rivera, Mexico, and moving into our new house (with no Internet/cable at first) has taken up much of my free time as of late. Not to mention the job-hunt. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping, unpacking, re-arranging, organizing, and loving my new home has been fun and exhausting. I am, however, happy to report that Martha (Stewart) has come upon me and I have felt very wife-y the past couple of weeks. Tomorow mom and grandma are coming to visit, see the house, and bring me some things! And I should hear back about several job opportunities. Things are falling right into place, I love being married, and God is so good! I love my life! :)



Monday, August 3, 2009

Tired and Happy

Well, I am now home, exhausted but completely in love with my life (and my husband!)  We got married last saturday (7/25) and  had an amazing day surrounded by our family and friends.  It went off without a hitch (well, just ONE hitch ;) haha!) Then we jetted off to the Mayan Rivera, south of Cancun.  What an amazing place to spend our honeymoon!  Now, i am ready for some sleep! More pics to come (soon I hope!)