Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Clayton!!!

Today Clayton turns 24!  When we met, we were 20, so it kinda puts it into perspective how long we have actually known each other(and how fast time flies!!!!) WOW! I remember his 21st birthday like it was yesterday (he doesn't!) His 22nd birthday was my UNC graduation, and his 23rd was the day after his graduation. This is the first birthday I have missed :( But, next year, we will be married! YAY!  So, in honor of Clayton's birthday, here are 24 random things about him!

1. He loves basketball.  He played in High School, at Junior College, and is now a Varsity HS coach. His passion for basketball (and coaching) is evident the minute you see him coach!

2. He is the biggest Carolina fan I know!  His blood truly is Carolina Blue.  He knows so much about UNC sports and attends any football/basketball/baseball game possible!

3. He likes ranch with everything. I only have one word for this-YUCK! (and i guess i will have to start buying it at the store!)

4. He is a people person.  Everyone likes him and he brings the party. 

5. He makes me smile. And he makes me mad.  But most of the time, he makes me smile.

6. He is very tall.  Like 6'6'' tall.  I sometimes forget how much taller he is than me until i see a picture of us where I am not on my tiptoes. :)

7. He loves football.  High School football, UNC football, Redskins football... If it is fall, then I promise, he has Friday, Saturday, and Sunday blocked off for football.

8. 95% of the clothing he owns is Carolina Blue. 90% of those clothes are Carolina T-Shirts. You can never show your school pride too much!

9. His most annoying habit (to me!) is his love of a particular video game-Call of Duty.  For some reason he and his buddies love to play those games... but to me, the sound of gunfire means that I am going to be very bored for the next, oh, 3 hours.

10. All of his pets have been named after Carolina some how--Smith, Roy, Ramses...

11. He always lets me choose to eat at Chile Verde in MA even though he still hasn't found an item on the menu he really likes.

11.  He is one of the most generous people I know.  He will buy your drinks, pay for your dinner, etc., etc., even if he just met you.  Sometimes i feel like people take advantage of it though.

12. Clayton is the "King of the Grill".  And the "Shrimp Man". :)

13. He can't stand to sit there (unless, of course, a sport is on!), so he is always up moving or doing something.  

14. His first name is "Fredric".  I always say "Ready Freddy?" and laugh at myself.  He is no longer amused. :)

15. His only request about the wedding stuff has been NO RED.  Yep, he hates State that much.

16. For his college graduation dinner he choose to eat at IP3's... Pizza and a pitcher are all he needs for a celebratory meal.

17. HE HATES DUKE. 'Nough said.

18. He likes many different kinds of beer... but cheap beer (aka PBR) is his favorite.

19. The only music we really agree on is Corey Smith. (And Kenny Chesney concerts)

20. He does not like desserts. Weird.

21. He likes history/social studies. He teaches it.

22. He is very competitive. He DOES NOT like to loose. In anything.

23. He takes a bath everyday. For hours.

24. He is my favorite person. And he loves me! :)

I love you babe! Have a great birthday! 

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