Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let's Get Out of Here!

So, my watching of the Biggest Loser has been interrupted by the presidential address. Thanks Barack.

Today was not good. I am tired of school politics. I just want to teach my kiddos how to read, write, do some math, and to be good people. I did not sign up to be treated like a second class citizen and to be bombarded with meaningless and tedious paperwork. Blahhh. It is getting old. No wonder this country needs teachers. The people making the laws haven't stepped foot in an elementary classroom since they graduated 5th grade. But anyway, i digress.

All the stress that has been piled on this week is making me really happy that C and I decided to take Friday off to go skiing with the FIL's. I can't wait til Thursday afternoon to get away for a few days. I just hope this year's drive to Snowshoe is not quite as eventful as last year's trip.

Recap of WV SnowTrek '08:
Leave MA at 5:00. Estimated Time of Arrival-9:00 p.m.
Snow begins 1.5 hrs. into trip. (6:30)
Snow begins to fall heavily and significantly slow us down 2 hrs. into trip (7:00)
Begin 60+ mile trip up the mountain with no cell service (8:30)
Slide off the road and require help to be pulled out (10:45)
Slide off the road into a ditch at a 90 degree angle (11:30)
Hitch hike the remainder of the trip to Snowshoe, WV.
Actual Time of Arrival 12:15 a.m.

Let's hope that we make it there in one piece this year! (Also, i actually get to ski this year, since last year i was recovering from mono and didn't wanna rupture my spleen or anything!)
Me and C on the Mountain last year!

The whole group out on/near the slopes.

(Note the non-ski wearing me :( )

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