Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Cut, or Not To Cut...

School is under way! Full-swing begins on monday when all 19 of my little ones come at once, with a little of that first day shyness worn off! I am looking forward to starting off a great year.

Clayton and I have now been married for over 1 month. To celebrate, we had steak and potatoes with a stir-fry flair and Duplin Wine. (Complemented by candles and bride and groom wine decor.) that we are to the 1 month mark, I have really been contemplating what to do with my hair. When we got engaged i knew first thing that i wanted LONG hair at my wedding. Mostly down and curled. And that is exactly what i had. Therefore I have been growing out my hair (that was already pretty long) since November. While growing out my hair, I always had donating to locks of love in the back of my mind. I definitely would love my hair to go to help a child who has an illness.

But here lies the deliema...I am attached to my long hair. Some days all I want to do is chop it off. But i have succomb to those "right now" urges before and later regretted it, so i am trying really hard to make sure that a much shorter 'do is something i am comfortable with right now. Some people are saying "don't do it!" other say "it will grow back" so i am on the fence about when, and how short, i am going to go. Wish me luck!


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