Sunday, May 2, 2010


No, not the TV show...:)

So, today I went shopping in Wilmy with my mother-in-law. (So glad we have a great relationship and i love her...) Anyway, while driving to and fro we had some great chats. One of many topics discussed was friends. And it reminded me of one of the things i like least about where i live, here in Eastern NC... my lack of friends. It is the one thing that keeps me from being content with where we live now. All the people i know live at least a few hours away, which is not really conducive for Saturday night wine/game night or quick shopping trips or fun dinner parties, which are all things I really want to do. It is hard to make friends in a place where hardly any young people live. (Ex: Church today- everyone there was over 40 or in high school and younger...) We do get together with friends often- Clayton's friends, all guys, and honestly, i sometimes feel left out and i feel like i know more about how guys think than i ever wanted. I just really want some good girl friends here... but making friends is hard! (especially when you there has to be people to meet first!) I will keep my eyes peeled for 20-something year olds to be my bff's... and see how that works out! ha!

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  1. Awww, I know that could be hard. I hope that you meet a really great friend out there! :)