Thursday, November 12, 2009

So, for the past gazillion or so days it has been pouring rain. So much so that they have delayed school for 2 hours twice this week not counting no school on wed. for veterans day. It was the perfect time to clean, lay around the house, and to experiment with some tasty dinner meals... I have been reading several blogs that post recipies from time to time and joining the rest of the bloggosphere in reading the Pioneer Woman, so i figured i was ready to venture out and whip up a lovely meal of my very own.

I decided to make a lovely meal of pan fried chicken with some oven-roasted/cooked in a foil pack/what-ever-you-wanna-call-them veggies (aka what was in the fridge). The chicken was, in fact, de-li-cious... the vegatables? Um, not so much. I don't know what happend...either i cooked them too long, or the combo of "stuff" i put on them is not good together, or asparagus really shouldn't be cooked with other vegatables, especially when it may or may not have been as fresh as we would have liked... who knows, but whatever it was-it was NOT good. My portion went straight to the trash. My poor husband had to go half hungry (don't worry, i fed him a snack later!)

I can't say that i have given up "experimental" cooking for good, but i may need to stick a little closer to instructions for a bit hubby will probably thank me for it!!!

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