Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Day...

Well, tomorrow is the last day of school.  I never thought I'd say this (after this year's class) but, it makes me a little sad.  I feel like this year has FLOWN by. I am gonna miss those little monkeys when they leave tomorrow.  I know how after the school year is over, the negatives and annoyances fade and I love seeing last year's kids (my 1st class) in the hall!  I guess it is a little more sad since I know I won't be seeing these little boys and girls in the hallway next year :( (And I can't believe my little 1st class is going to be in 2nd grade!)

On another note, after our teacher workdays are over, I HAVE to get back on the wedding train.  I jumped ship over to the HOUSE "boat" a while back and have begun to neglect the little tedious wedding tasks that have got to get done.  Hopefully, since there will be no school, I can do some of both! :)  Seeing as how I have made about 6 trips to Goodwill for awesome "remodeling" stuff, I need to get all my house projects finished, too!  

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